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No, she passed away in 1995. She is buried in her home town, Åbo.

My mother married my father, Ebbe Colbiörnsen Moe (Norwegian) in Paris, France in the early 1950's. I was born there in 1954. Eventually, we moved to Norway, where my mother performed as an actress and later in the Norwegian Opera where she was part of the ensemble. I don't know how much you know about my mother, but she was a woman of extraordinary talents. She painted, danced ballet, was an excellent swimmer and diver, had a great voice and of course acted in both film and theatre among other things. I know for a fact that some people came from Hollywood to Stockholm at some point to meet with her. Nothing came of this, mostly probably due to my mothers frail nature. She had very little self confidence in spite of be so talented (or maybe because of this). She once told me a story about when she was visiting the Finnish troops at the front during the Finnish/Russian Winter War of 1939. Only 22, she was a stunning, petite, beauty and already well known in Finland. Her tour was meant to inspire morale in the troops, and her guiding officer had later told here that the soldiers had come to smell her scent on the pillow cover of her bed. Quite cute little story.

What is your interest in my mother? Are you doing some kind of research work? Are you Finnish yourself?

André Colbiörnsen - Saturday, April 17 at 4:53 PM EEST

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