"Roope The Robber/'Rob The Robber'
Rosvo-Roope (Piraten älskaren)
Billie le bandit (French title)
Roope der Räuber (German title)

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Finland 1949 B/W 99min Adams Filmi Oy



cast: Tauno Palo (Roope the Robber), Helena Kara (Helena Herva/ Kristiina), Ghedi Lönnberg (Gunvor), Kirsti Ortola (Barbara Ants). Juliska Koka (Verushka), Thure Bahne (Henrik Brest), Yrjö Ikonen (Vekarus), Uljas Kandolin (Sten), Kalle Viherpuu, Emmi Jurkka, Arvo Lehesmaa, Aino Lohikoski, Aarne Laine, Jalmari Parikka
credits: dir. & prod. & edit. Hannu Leminen, costumes Bure Litonius, DOP Esko Töyri, music George de Godzinsky, based on a ballad by Rafael Ramstedt, script by J. Laikka and H. Lemi, staging Igor Karpinski

The biggest Finnish star. Excellent costumes. Fantastic milieu. The year is 1700 something. It's time of the legendary Roope (or Rob) the Robber, who got all women and won every fight with his magnificent sword. The movie starts from old tavern, where one "nobody" sings a ballad of the great robber. "If you pour me a drink, I will tell you a tale..."

Maybe the best of all old Finnish adventures.

TRIVIA: According to Suomen kansallis Filmografia 1948-1952 the shots of Roope's ship were taken from Michael Curtis movie called Captain Blood (Kapteeni Blood, 1935). These shots were borrowed without permission.


Lyrics for the ballad of Rosvo-Roope (in Finnish).